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        Casting (Xiamen) Accessories Co., Ltd. is a sales company established by Wanxin Precision Casting and Forging Co., Ltd. in Xiamen, specializing in domestic and foreign forgings, steel castings, ductile iron castings, aluminum castings and other business undertakings.

        The companys main casting products are: various excavators, loaders bucket teeth, teeth seat, shovel teeth; pump car bends; integral bucket and integral casting loosener are our invention patented products; production of domestic and foreign structural parts of precision casting products. Forging mainly produces buried scraper conveyor chain rod, forging bucket teeth, engine Kang B, Kang C, Kang L and other automotive connecting rods, pump truck pipe clamp (clamp), excavator chain and other precision forgings. At the same time, according to the map processing, products are now exported to all parts of the world with excellent quality.