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        General knowledge of excavator maintenance

        Digger is Doushan, basically very little overhaul, because they are all maintenance instead of repair, in our maintenance of excavator in the most basic principle, because the excavator is busy and tired daily work, often ignore some details, but wait until the failure to repair. In fact, the daily faults of small parts not only affect the operation of the parts themselves, but also affect the work of the peripheral parts. Therefore, routine maintenance is much more important than maintenance afterwards. Today, I will list my usual daily maintenance matters and share with you. It

        1. Oil filter.

        Oil filter is a component of excavator with lower maintenance cost, but it plays an important role in the overall performance of excavator. The cleaning of the oil filter and the timely replacement of the filter element can avoid the short time deterioration of the oil. Increasing the cleaning and maintenance of crankshaft ventilation devices in daily maintenance can also enhance the maintenance of diesel engines.

        2. Oil filter.

        Check whether the oil collector is leaking, check whether the float head is clean and clean, there is no oil. If organic oil leaks, a small hole can be drilled beside the float head to clean up the leaked oil and then weld the hole. As the oil enters the float head, it will cause the filter to sink. When the collector sinks to the bottom of the machine, the deposited dirt will be sucked up, which will lead to blockage of the filter screen and oil passage.

        3, control temperature

        Not only to control the engine temperature, but also pay attention to whether the oil temperature and water temperature are normal, do not add cooling water when starting work, leading to the heat sink boiling, which is very harmful to the engine.

        4. Crankshaft and bearing

        Routinely check the loss of crankshaft and bearing, and whether the screw is tightened, add lubricant according to the situation. If parts wear out badly, parts need to be replaced. At the same time, check the drain plug on the filter housing regularly and clean up the dirt.

        5. Coarse filter.

        First, rotate the handle and remove the dirt on the filter, then start cleaning the various parts of the filter, decompose and thoroughly clean it. Check whether the filter element of the filter is up to the replacement period and replace it. Listen again when the engine rotates at low speed, does the rotor of the strainer make a buzzing sound. If you cant hear it, you need to further repair the rotor, possibly because there are too many foreign bodies accumulated and need to be thoroughly cleaned.

        6. Air filter element

        The intake system of the engine is mainly composed of two parts: the air filter element and the intake port. According to different usage conditions, the air filter element should be cleaned regularly. High-pressure air can be blown from inside to outside to blow out the dust in the filter element. Because the air filter element is paper, we should pay attention to the air pressure should not be too high when blowing, so as not to damage the filter element. The air filter element needs to be replaced after 3 times of cleaning, and it can not be used for a long time.

        7. Water tank

        The water tank is often neglected by the operator in overhaul, because the water tank is filled with water, so it is seldom cleaned by the organic hand in daily work. In fact, rust and scaling are the most common problems. Rust and scale will restrict the flow of coolant in the cooling system, reduce the role of heat dissipation, lead to engine overheating, and even cause engine damage. Coolant oxidation will also form acidic substances, corrosion of metal parts in the water tank, resulting in damage to the water tank, leakage. Regular use of strong and efficient water tank cleaning agent to clean the water tank, remove rust and scale, not only can ensure the normal operation of the engine, but also can extend the overall life of the water tank and engine.

        We have seen this super full maintenance secret book to see if our daily maintenance is in place. Maintenance instead of repair, although in daily work may be slightly troublesome, but it can make our excavator more dynamic, free from overhaul.