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        Brief introduction of working performance of various bucket

        1. Excavation of gravel, gravel, soil mixed with more hard stones, sub-hard stones, weathered fossil loading and other heavy-duty work site construction environment should choose gravel excavator bucket. Introduction of gravel bucket: NM360 is generally used as material, and domestic wear-resistant plate is used for seat plate and side edge plate. Home-made high-quality bucket seat has wear resistance and bending resistance.

        2. The rock-type bucket of excavator must be selected in the construction environment of Equal-Weight working environment for ore loading after blasting. Rock bucket introduction: adding reinforcement plate at the bottom; adding side guard plate; installing guard plate; selecting Swedish Humda material, choosing special rock products for bucket teeth base. It has strong wear resistance and bending resistance.

        3. The dredging and plane trimming of rivers and ditches, the excavation of common clay and the loading of sand, soil and gravel, etc., require high efficiency. Standard bucket of excavator can be used generally. Standard bucket introduction: materials are generally 16Mn, standard plate thickness, domestic high-quality bucket teeth seat.

        4. When excavating hard soil, soil mixed with soft stones and loading loess stones, the excavator-reinforced bucket should be selected. Reinforcement bucket introduction: The material 16Mn+Nm360 is generally selected, the plate is thicker, the domestic high-quality bucket teeth seat is made, and the service life is prolonged.

        According to the actual needs of the project, choosing the appropriate type of bucket can solve the complex project needs. Castin (Xiamen) Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various types of bucket products. It has more than ten years of rich production experience and excellent production management team. Welcome customers who need to come to our factory for inspection and consultation.